New Increase Assignment Feature on TTB Foreign Producer Portal

Posted 02/02/2023

TTB has updated the assignment section on the Foreign Producer Portal to include an increase assignment feature. This feature is now live and is located next to the “quantity assigned” column under the assignment section. You simply click “increase” and you will be able to increase the quantity assigned to the specific importer for the specific tier selected. It is important to note that producers may no longer add an assignment to the same importer under the same tax tier if already assigned, they must use the increase function. Below is the update from TTB on the new feature as well as the updated how-to-guide which details the new increase feature. You can also access the FAQ’s in the below link, new FAQ’s have been added including one pertaining to the increase feature.

TTB Update

Added: FAQ TB-9:  May a foreign producer increase the quantity of a CBMA tax benefit assignment made to an importer or importers?

Updated - Foreign Producer Registration and Assignment System User Guide

Full List FAQs


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