50% Tariffs on American Whiskey Looming

Posted 10/27/2023

WSSA continues to engage in the fight to ensure retaliatory tariffs are not re-instated for American whiskeys shipped to the EU. A joint statement was issued on Friday, October 20th, by President Biden and EU President Ursula von der Leyen advising that they have not reached an agreement in the ongoing steel and aluminum dispute and that negotiations would continue for the next months if they cannot conclude the talks by December 31. December 31 marks the deadline of the temporary suspension of the tariffs, and on January 1, 2024, the EU will once again impose tariffs, at double the previous rate, going from 25% to 50% tariff. There is a potential extension of the suspension of the tariffs while negotiations continue, but this is not guaranteed.  

WSSA will continue to work with the “Toasts not Tariffs” coalition to pressure Congress to finalize the negotiation and end retaliatory tariffs on American whiskey. Should you want further information on the history of the tariffs or further details on this situation, please let us know.