BREAKING NEWS: LA/LB Postpone Container Dwell Fee

Posted 11/15/2021

The news we’ve been curious about just came through the pipeline this afternoon as the Ports of LA/LB announced the postponement of the new Container Dwell Fee until November 22nd. Port of LB Executive Director, Mario Cordero, stated, “We’re encouraged by the progress our supply chain partners have made in helping our terminals shed long-dwelling import containers.” Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles added, “There’s been significant improvement in clearing import containers from our docks in recent weeks.”

This Container dwell fee, originally announced on October 25th, was a coordinated effort by the Biden-Harris Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, U.S. Department of Transportation, Port of Los Angeles and multiple supply chain stakeholders to push for more movement of stagnant containers at the port. This is in effort to alleviate the congestion and help the flow of the supply chain. Since the initial announcement of the fee, stagnant cargo has decreased by 26%, thus resulting in the postponement of the dwell fee.

Officials will continue to monitor the progress of movement at the ports and reassess the fee once again as the November 22nd date approaches. We will continue to keep you informed of this issue. For more details on this development, attached is the news release from the Port of Long Beach.