BREXIT Vote Postponed

Posted 12/17/2018

Last Monday, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, called off the vote on the Brexit deal citing that changes needed to be made or else it "would be rejected by a significant margin" as it stands now.

The controversial bill has been met with a great deal of opposition from many of Britain's political parties, but Mrs. May insists that her deal "gives control of borders, money and laws and protects jobs, security and the Union." Nevertheless, opponents are concerned that withdrawing from the EU would doubtlessly result in losing valuable links and alliances within the banking, trade, travel, and border control sectors, an outcome that could change Britain's economic and political climate drastically.

Mrs. May plans to open up conversation with EU leaders to make changes to the Brexit bill but has not provided a new date for the vote, only saying that the final deadline was set at January 21, 2019. May survived a "no confidence" vote in parliament last week, but now needs to figure out alternative options to avoid a hard Brexit. While this new development has left Britain in a state of uncertainty, all we can do is watch and wait on further developments.

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