CBMA 2023 Procedures & Requirements Memo

Posted 12/20/2022

CBP has issued the attached Cargo Systems Message (CSMS) reminding everyone of the changes coming in 2023 to the CBMA process. The full IRT rate will be due at time of entry effective January 1, 2023. While your customs broker will work to input the proper rate, it is important that importers double-check their entry summaries to ensure the lower CBMA tax rate is not taken at time of entry. For FTZ or bonded entries with import dates between 2018 – 2022, those will still follow the previous CBMA process, and the lower rate can be claimed at time of withdrawal or removal from FTZ even if removed during 2023. Please review the full CSMS message here for further clarification on the overall steps of the new process.

We are continuing to assist importers and producers on all aspects of the new process and are happy to help with any foreign producer registrations or general questions.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance with getting setup for the 2023 process please reach out to us.