Congestion at Chilean Ports

Posted 06/25/2019

Ports in Chile, specifically San Antonio and San Vicente, have been negatively impacted by the inclement weather conditions that have plagued the country the last few weeks. The weather has caused some carriers to deviate from their regularly scheduled vessel calls, especially the vessels that service North Europe and the US. 

With the omitted vessel calls has come a back log of cargo at all Chilean ports, which are struggling to handle the congestion. Some carriers have tried to mitigate the congestion by implementing contingency plans and reprogramming shipments onto different vessels. 

We are working diligently with our carrier and port contacts to limit congestion and inconveniences. If you have questions about any specific shipments, please feel free to contact your freight forwarding representative. 

We will continue to provide updates to this situation, and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.