Congestion Everywhere!

Posted 05/06/2019

USA ports           

We continue to receive updates on delays moving containers onto the rail from various USA ports. New York/New Jersey, Norfolk, Los Angeles, and Seattle have reported 5-15 day delays at the port from the time of container arrival to movement onto the rail. Please plan accordingly for potential delays or talk to us about termination at the port and transload options. We expected to see some loosening of the congestion after the major push prior to the potential hike in China tariffs, but the situation continues to be problematic.

US-Mexico Border

CBP has reassigned 545 officers from various ports to address the migrant situation, and wait times at the border have continued to increase. Truckers are being pushed to alternative points of entry. For example, they have been forced to move from El Paso, TX, to other crossing points. Transportation rates are going up due to limited truck availability and increased driver wait times. If you are interested in the option to ship via ocean, let us know, and we can assist through our NAFTA Blue program.

North Europe/UK/Ireland

Vessels continue to sail at 100% capacity and with various skipped port calls, there are backlogs and booking delays from the North Continent, UK, and Ireland. There is no additional capacity coming into this trade lane right now, and with the tight market, carriers can also push for higher rates. We suggest that you plan as far ahead as possible to maintain your desired ship date on any upcoming orders. We do not expect the situation to change for many months.

New Zealand

We continue to see space congestion on vessels departing New Zealand due to an unusual volume of reefer cargo. Vessels are fully booked for weeks in advance, and again, plan ahead and supply forecasts whenever possible to insure timely bookings.

Please let us know if you have any specific concerns or issues.