Container Dwell Fee at LA/LB Again Postponed

Posted 11/23/2021

Once again officials at the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach have announced a further postponement of the new Container Dwell Fee, a fee instituted by the two ports as result of coordinated efforts with the Biden-Harris Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force and US DOT to improve the velocity of container movement off the LA/LB terminals. Originally the fee was scheduled to start being billed November 15th, but was postponed to November 22nd due to the positive progress made by the ports.

The fee has been postponed once again to November 29th as officials say continued progress is being made moving containers off marine terminals. As the new date approaches, officials will once again assess the situation and determine if the fee will indeed be implemented or postponed again. 

We will continue to keep you informed of this situation, and we wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday week.