COSCO Responds to Cyber Security Attack

Posted 07/25/2018

On Tuesday, the COSCO US operations were hit with a major cyber security attack that disrupted communications between its vessels, terminals, vendors and customers. WSSA's contacts at COSCO indicate that they have taken effective measures and business operations within all regions will be recovered soon.  While restoration to full operations is still in progress, the carrier is doing all it can to reestablish communications throughout its US operators. For now, in the American regions, local email and telephone have been shut down and COSCO is working diligently to further investigate into the attack and prevent future ones from occurring.  We have been assured that all vessels are operating as normal and the main business systems are stable. COSCO operations out side of the United States are not impacted.    

For more information on the attack, please see the JOC article.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.