Disruptions in CA and Chile Continue

Posted 07/20/2022

California: Since Monday, trucker protests over AB5 at the Port of Oakland have shut down all terminals at the Port.  According to our friends at SSA Terminal, they are working vessels when possible, but this week's protests will definitely have an impact on imports.  The protests were originally scheduled to go from Monday thru Wednesday, but truckers are now talking about continuing for the entire week. We will continue to keep you updated on this situation.

Chile: The weather in Chile has left thousands of trucks stranded waiting to cross between Argentina and Chile. After a brief attempt at re-opening the pass is now closed again, as the bad weather has continued. Trucks now face the challenge of clearing themselves out of snowdrifts, starting vehicles that have been idle for days, and slowly clearing out the congestion. With sunshine in the future, officials are hopeful the pass can be re-opened later this week. However, the congestion could take 7-10 days to clear up. Please plan for additional time and costs getting cargo out of this region.