EU Tariffs - One Last Request

Posted 08/11/2020

Thanks to all of you who have submitted comments and contacted your Congressional representatives to speak out in opposition of any expansion or increase of the retaliatory tariffs on EU beverage alcohol products based on the WTO Airbus case review. We are expecting news from the USTR in the next days. With the limited time remaining, we are still trying to get US Senators to sign on to a letter to the USTR opposing the tariffs. Rob Tobiasson, Executive Director of NABI, provided us with the draft letter attached here. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to your Senators and kindly request that they co-sign the letter.

All you need to tell the Senator’s office is:

The letter is opposing the Airbus retaliatory tariffs

Senators Collins and Menendez are seeking the leads on the letter and are circulating it for co-signatories

The POC staffers are: Jonathan Tsentas for Sen. Menendez and Hannah Hudson for Sen. Collins

It was reported today that 13 senators have signed on, and it is never too late to try to get additional support for this effort!

We will send an update as soon as we have the news from the USTR on the results of the current review. As always, please reach out to WSSA if you have any questions.