EU Tariffs: Reminder to Send Comments

Posted 07/08/2020

As previously reported, the USTR/United States Trade Representative released the notice for the review of action in the WTO Airbus tariff case. The comment period opened on June 26 and will close on July 26. WSSA is working with other key industry associations to submit a coalition letter opposing any additional tariffs or the addition of new commodities, and of course, we continue our opposition to all of the tariffs already imposed. 

We need your help to add information and evidence as to how the tariffs have adversely affected your business! You can add your comments directly to the USTR via their electronic portal and view docket entitled: "Comments Concerning the Enforcemennt of the U.S. WTO Rights in Large Civil Aircraft Dispute." From there, click on "Submit Comments."

Alternatively, you can also send us an email with a brief explanation of how the tariffs have affected your business and the potential impact of any new tariffs. We will then compile the comments and submit with the coalition data to the USTR.  

The more comments the better. Volume matters in these situations and the greater the volume of comments coming from the beverage alcohol industry, the less likely that additional tariffs will be added. We are here to help and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.