EU Tariffs Update

Posted 08/06/2019

WSSA participated in a submission to the USTR along with the major groups representing the industry opposing the inclusion of EU spirits and wine in the retaliation list that is part of the 14 year dispute at the WTO involving civil aviation subsidies. Both the US and the EU are proposing retaliatory tariffs on alcoholic beverages, and the goal of the industry coalition is to remove these items.

There was a 301 case Public Hearing yesterday at the USTR and the Presidents of both DISCUS and NABI testified, and the joint comment was submitted. We expect further information from the WTO Arbitrator on the tariffs in September or early October. We know that our members are anxiously awaiting news on this matter, and we will keep you closely updated.

At WSSA, we will continue our work with the coalition and continue to supply data to the USTR to support our position. Should any of you have specific information on the potential impact to your business, please feel free to send it to us and we will supply to the coalition.