Europe Experiences Record Breaking Heat

Posted 07/02/2019

Across Europe last week temperatures skyrocketed to intense proportions, creating record-breaking heat extremes throughout the continent. While temperatures began to ease on Sunday, meteorologists say that the hot weather is expected to linger throughout the summer. In fact, the past seventeen years have brought about Europe’s hottest summers in recent history.

For our customers and shippers, we continue to suggest that precautions are taken to make sure your cargo is not exposed to prolonged periods of heat. Shipping in refrigerated containers or using thermal blankets are highly suggested during these seasons of high heat temperatures. And, of course, be sure to insure your goods during transport. WSSA offers excellent coverage on temperature damage if you ship in insulated containers, and we would be happy to provide anyone with more information on that coverage. Feel free to contact us or check out our temperature coverage offerings on our website.