Limited Vessel Space Available for End of Year

Posted 12/23/2019

With the threat of potential tariffs ahead on both EU products and French champagne, shippers are trying their best to get their goods into the US before any changes are implemented. We are seeing tremendous container volume as the year closes out, with this December and early January showing a massive uptick in bookings compared to the average year. Space and allocation are more and more difficult due to the push to move cargo, end of year "blank" (cancelled) sailings by carriers, strikes and unrest in France, and bad weather in Italy.

We are encouraging all of our members and customers to plan as far out in advance for your scheduled containers. We will do our best to accommodate the bookings we can, but the issues we have outlined here will make it difficult to find last minute availability.

Thanks for your patience during these unprecedented times, and as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns