Logistics Conflicts in the Mediterranean

Posted 03/15/2022

Yesterday in Spain, a group of independent truckers announced an indefinite strike, citing that their recently-negotiated agreements with the Spanish government have not been satisfied. On Monday, the impact was significant in the south and north of Spain, but the center and east of the country worked relatively without issue, although there were some pickets that blocked some terminals and depots. Today, the situation is getting worse, and the impact is being felt throughout the country. Picket lines are more intensely noticeable, and there have even been some cases of violent interactions with the truckers who are still working. In one circumstance, our colleagues in Spain told us that the strikers had thrown stones at the windows of the working trucks and puncturing their wheels in the depots and at the entrance to port. This has caused some working truckers to withdraw their services in certain areas, which, not surprisingly, is not helping the congestion situation in the region.  

So far, the impact seems to only be affecting Spain ports, but reports from our Italian office say there have been some delays felt in the south of Italy. Major ports such as Genova, La Spezia and Livorno have not been affected at the moment. However, the lack of equipment situation is still very bad for all ports in Italy and all steamship lines. As mentioned in previous updates, major delays can be expected for cargo coming out of Italy, and now extra time must be allocated for cargo departing Spain as well.

We will continue to keep you updated on this situation.