Miami Port Congestion

Posted 01/21/2020

The South Florida Container Terminal (SFCT) in Miami has begun installation of six new electric gantry cranes which will hopefully decrease the environmental impact of operations at the port. Over the next two months, the manufacturer will test and certify the cranes to make sure they meet certain standards prior to full installation. While this is a positive step in the fight to reduce the port's carbon footprint, it is also causing some delays and backlog at SFCT. Because the cranes take up a significant amount of space, there is less room for container processing. And because most carriers call this terminal, these delays will be difficult to avoid for the next 30-60 days. 

In light of these potential delays, it is important to work with your freight forwarder to find alternative port or terminal destinations until the congestion clears up. As always, we will keep you informed of any progress to this situation. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.