No End in Sight for Montreal Port Strike

Posted 08/10/2020

Last Friday the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) received word from the Longshoremen's Union that they will be conducting an indefinite strike beginning today, August 10th at 7am. This strike will put a halt to berthing and cargo handling services normally provided by longshoremen at the port. With the two weeks of strikes that preceded this announcement, the Port of Montreal has been at a virtual standstill, with cargo delays increasing daily. The MEA continues to push for provincial and federal government intervention as the disruption to the supply chain has now reached devastating levels. 

Ocean carriers are re-routing vessels to Halifax, St. John and New York ports, which could soon become congested due to the increased vessel volume. Even so, we suggest finding alternative routes for your cargo that would normally flow through Montreal port. 

With no end in sight, we hope that the MEA and Longshoremen's Union can come to a mutually beneficial agreement so cargo can once again move smoothly. As usual, we will keep you informed of any developments to this situation.