Reminder - New PierPass Fee Beginning Next Week

Posted 11/13/2018

A new PierPass flat fee will be implemented at the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach on November 19th unless the Federal Maritime Commission steps in and takes action to stop it.

As it stands currently, containers are charged a “Traffic Mitigation Fee” of $72.09 per TEU when entering or leaving terminals during the daytime hours only. Those containers moving during the night are not subject to any fee.

However, if the new flat fee is implemented, all containers will be charged a fee of $31.52 per TEU whether they are entering/exiting during the day or night.

In an effort to spread the volumes, all terminals will adopt an appointment system. Nine of the twelve terminals have this in place already, but issues with system have been prevalent.

For a more detailed summary of this new PierPass program, please visit the PierPass website. 

We will keep you informed of this situation as details become available. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.