Strikes: Disruptions in France & Chile

Posted 11/19/2018

Strikes in both France and Chile have caused transportation delays and general frustration for the two countries through the weekend.

In France, protesters revolting over the rising fuel taxes set up road blocks on Saturday that are still in place as of today. We have received reports from our offices in France that some truckers are experiencing difficulties delivering on time due to these roadblocks. The greatest unknown is whether the protests will intensify or die down. We will be sure to monitor this situation and provide updates on any potential delays that may occur.

Likewise in Chile, last Friday protesting workers formed a group blocking access to the private portion of Valparaiso port which suspended normal operations. A meeting is scheduled for mid-day today to discuss the workers’ terms and hopefully come to an agreement.

We are monitoring both situations closely and will provide updates of any changes or resolutions at the concerning locations.