Tropical Cyclone Closes the Port of New Orleans

Posted 07/15/2019

As of Thursday, July 11th, container terminal operations the Port of New Orleans have been closed due to the impact of Tropical Cyclone 2, or Tropical Storm Barry. Container operations will remain closed today due to the high winds, rain, and flooding along the Louisiana coast. 

For railroad traffic, Union Pacific has announced an embargo on all cargo in the Avondale and New Orleans regions of Louisiana. The Norfolk Southern intermodal facility in New Orleans has been closed and evacuated due to flooding. It will re-open when conditions are determined safe. 

Tropical Storm Barry is expected to travel north and make landfall by tomorrow morning. Louisiana and much of the Gulf Coast will experience significant rainfall and high winds. Residents are encouraged to take precautions and some regions have issued evacuations. 

We will continue to keep you updated on this situation. Our thoughts are with all of the residents and families within the tropical storm's path.