Ukraine Conflict Creates More Logistics Concerns

Posted 02/25/2022

Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine has become the primary news focus across the globe. While the full impact of the Ukraine conflict on the Intereuropean and international logistics remains to be seen, we’ve received some valuable feedback from our colleagues in Europe in the past days. As far as shipments in general are concerned, so far there has been no major interruption to trucking, rail or feeder vessel services. Rather, the more critical concern is the empty container situation in Eastern Europe. Most carriers are almost out of stock, and some have had to cancel all bookings for the next weeks due to lack of equipment. Another factor is the bunker price, which is expected to explode in the coming weeks and months.

Additionally, prompted by the invasion, Ukrainian authorities closed the port of Odessa on Thursday forcing carriers to suspend vessel calls. In an effort to keep all port employees safe, operations at the port have ceased for the time being. Carriers have now begun to divert vessels to call other ports while the situation persists.

Please be aware that shipments within this region will be delayed and increased costs can be expected in the coming weeks. Our hearts go out to all those in Ukraine who are being impacted by Russia’s invasion, and we hope for a swift resolution of this conflict.