Update on Canada Labor Dispute

Posted 05/31/2019

Not long after the lockdown at Canada ports began yesterday, a tentative agreement was negotiated in Vancouver, and the lock out was ended. The details on the final agreement are pending the ratification vote by Union membership and will not be released until that point.

According to a CBC news release, "After news of the tentative deal broke, union president Rob Ashton said the bargaining committee is satisfied." President Rob Ashton stated, "The ports are open. My members are going to be going to the dispatch hall for this afternoons dispatch. Bring the boats in, we want to ship cargo."

In addition, "BCMEA president Mike Leonard said the agreement was 'fair and balanced ... it was hard earned by both parties.' "

For more information, please see the attached CBC article. As usual, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us