US Allows Sale of 700ml Bottles

Posted 02/16/2021

In the midst of the difficulties plaguing the alcohol beverage and logistics industries, there is a welcome update of good news. Late last year the TTB published guidelines allowing European bottle sizes (700ml) to be permitted into the USA. Prior to this regulation, only 750ml bottles were allowed to be sold in the US market. For European producers, this means they will eventually be able to convert their bottling lines to run a consistent 700ml operation rather than constantly switching in between 700ml and 750ml as had been the case.

This also means that smaller distillers who previously chose not to export their products to the US due to the difference in bottle production, will now have no barriers to inhibit their expansion into the US market. For US consumers, we can look forward to seeing a variety of distilled products not before seen in our stores. While some entities claim that the standardization of the 700ml bottle will increase the risk of counterfeit product, overall the development is a positive step, and will be beneficial both for producers and consumers going forward.