WSSA's Winter Wine Program Can Protect Your Cargo from Freezing Temperatures

Posted 11/14/2019

Cold temperatures are here! Make sure your cargo is protected during transit! 

Cities all along the East Coast set record-breaking temperatures for cold yesterday, according to an article published by the Washington Post. The freezing temperatures were declared as "the most severe November cold snap in more than a century." From WSSA's headquarters in Portland, ME, down to the Gulf Coast, the cold was penetrating. In fact, much of the Eastern area of the United States experienced colder temperatures than parts of Alaska, as temperatures plummeted 20 and even 30 degrees below normal.

With these freezing temperatures comes an increased need to protect your product from cold damage. One way to protect your cargo without breaking the bank is to use WSSA's Winter Wine Program. Through the program, your cargo will be shipped in a standard or insulated container to a warm weather US port then loaded into a heated container for transport to your door. Remember also to opt for WSSA's temperature coverage for your insulated containers and protect your cargo this winter! Contact us for more details or to get started!