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Posted September 16, 2014

The Chilean Customs Authorities and the Government have reached an agreement, and the strike that was originally scheduled to take place today and tomorrow has been called off. Fortunately, Customs is operating today as usual.

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Posted September 12, 2014

The Chilean Customs Authorities announced that they will cease all activities next week on the 16th and 17th of September. Customs employees are asking for the restitution of their powers which have been curtailed by the adoption of the new tax reform in Chile.

We will be sure to keep you informed about any change of this notice.

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Posted September 9, 2014

The mountain pass that runs between Chile and Argentina is closed again today due to inclement weather. However, if all goes well, the pass will re-open tomorrow as bad weather conditions are predicted to improve.

We will keep you informed about the developments of this situation.

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Posted September 8, 2014

The union labor strike that the San Antonio Port endured last weekend is over and operations at the port have commenced as usual. Entrances are open once again, and cargo is able to flow uninhibited in and out of the port.
In other news, after another brief closure over the weekend, the mountain pass connecting Argentina and Chile is again open and operating as usual. Transportation appears to be flowing freely.
We will continue to keep you informed of the status of the pass and of other news that may impact the flow of cargo in the region.

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Posted September 5, 2014

Congestion continues to be a persistent problem in ports all over the world. From Asia to Europe to the United States, larger ships are bringing in more containers and having to stay in port longer, creating congestion and delays. Although more containers are arriving, there are less and less truckers available to transport cargo to its final destination. North American ports like Los Angeles/Long Beach, New York/New Jersey, and Norfolk are especially feeling the effects of congestion and truck power shortages as evidenced by increasing dwell times and chassis shortages.

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