Alba Wine and Spirits Warehousing and Distribution

A subsidiary of WSSA’s freight forwarding partner, Alba Wine and Spirits Warehousing and Distribution LLC, operates a new 300,000 square foot warehouse facility in Edison, NJ. The warehouse offers temperature controlled and ambient storage and a full service distribution program from any type of beverage. The warehouse boasts state of the art air conditioning units, narrow aisle racking system, a fully wired guided environment with turret truck and order pickers reaching five levels. All equipment is fully electric, thus avoiding any residue accumulated from gas operated machinery, and the new fork lifts offer both traditional and slip sheet forks. It features a high value cage, and order fulfilment from the case level to individual bottle picks. The warehouse was a natural addition to the overall logistics services offered by Albatrans and WSSA. With daily deliveries to NYC, NJ, and CT, and weekly deliveries to upstate NY and New England the warehouse offers a great distribution option in the NJ area. In addition, WSSA’s insurance program can cover your goods in the warehouse!

Catch a glimpse inside the Alba warehouse!

Alba Wine and Spirits Warehousing and Distribution from Alba Wine & Spirits Whse & Dist on Vimeo.