Less than Container Load

We can handle your shipment in any size! Yes, even a single pallet!

WSSA can manage your Less than Container Load “LCL” shipments from most countries in the world. LCL’s are rated by weight or measurement at the time of loading. Because of this unique rating system, this service is best when utilized for new to market test products, last minute rush shipments, or when an importer isn’t able to maximize a full container load. If you need to ship less than 300 cases, an LCL might be right for you!

Importers shipping from and to common areas share container space. Standard containers are utilized for this type of shipment. We can provide a thermal blanket to cover your pallet(s) if you are concerned about temperature extremes from some origin countries. Be sure to ask about this service when requesting a quote. WSSA can offer complete door to door service or you can arrange to pick your products up at a deconsolidation warehouse.

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