Preferred Rates

You’ll join for the rates, but you’ll stay for the service!

WSSA has been negotiating preferential shipping rates for over 30 years. We have a network of service providers who are eager to serve our expansive membership base year after year. Our founders were and still are a geographically diverse group of beverage importers and distributors with a clear goal in mind: combine the purchasing strength of the industry to reduce importing costs. The continuing accomplishment of this objective has saved WSSA members over $30,000,000 in freight costs.

Member Preferred Programs

Over the years we've grown to understand the unique needs of our members.  In doing so we've developed a few select programs that our members prefer and continue to benefit from throughout the year.  Our goal is to provide the shipping services importers need whether it's in a moments notice, seasonally, periodically or for each and every shipment.  WSSA has a program for you.

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