Overweight Container

Heavy or Overweight Loads

We’ve partnered with a trucking firm to offer our members the option to maximize the utilization of a 40’ container.  Legally, importers can fill the container up to a maximum payload of 58,000 lbs. and load onto the ship up to 1,600 cases per container more product than normally permitted. The trucker will pick the heavyweight container up at the Port of New Jersey with special equipment to haul the load to their warehouse a few miles away.

This trucking firm will become your inland carrier by receiving and transferring the products to their facility.  A legal amount of your Direct Import will be transferred into a their tractor/trailer for delivery to your door. The balance of your shipment will be delivered during regular scheduled consolidation deliveries. You can even choose to store your additional products, request a delivery all at once, or the trucking firm can deliver specific cases whenever you are ready.

Wondering how you save money? It’s simple! You will load your additional product during each ocean sailing. If you normally ship five containers to achieve the case quantity you need, then you will only need to ship four overweight containers. That could potentially save you $2000-$3500 in ocean transportation costs by eliminating one container! And, you will pay the same or less than you normally would for your U.S. inland transportation.

Similar programs are also available on the West Coast.

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