Marine Insurance

Are you protected? Marine insurance isn’t something shippers should have; it’s something shippers must have. We have options to help protect your shipment from every unforeseen scenario.

WSSA offers its members “All Risk” Marine Insurance for shipments by sea, land or air from anywhere in the world. Wine, Beer, Spirits and other select beverages as well as any related merchandise incidental to the business of the assured are covered in our policy. All risk coverage includes any normal transportation losses as well as those incurred from:

  • Label Damage
  • Heating/Freezing*
  • Mysterious Disappearance
  • War, Riot, Strike, and Terrorism
  • Contamination
  • Breakage
  • Concealed Damage
  • Shortage
  • Return Goods
  • Costs of Salvage
  • Debris Removal
  • Hurricane, Tornado, and Flood
  • Atmospheric Conditions

*Temperature Controlled Containers are always protected against heating/freezing damage. Members can also take advantage of our Optional Temperature Coverage and benefit from the same heating/freezing coverage while shipping your beverages in a standard container with insulation.

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