Canada Strike & ILWU Contract Update

Posted 06/20/2023

Last week unionized longshore and warehouse members in Vancouver authorized strike action that could lead to over 7,000 dockworkers walking out as soon as June 24th. With the West Coast just starting to get caught up on congestion and cargo flow, this could be viewed as a step back in the progress already made. In better news, the Port of Halifax recently reached a collective agreement between the ILA locals and the Halifax Employers Association, which is a welcome development for both parties.

In the US, further details have been released on the new ILWU contract which was announced last Wednesday. The six-year contract includes a 32% pay increase for dockworkers and a $70 million bonus as recognition for working during the pandemic. The new contract is still within the ratification process, which could take some time, and further details will be released in due course.