New Shipper’s Guide

The world of importation and exportation can be a confusing place. Full of regulations, permits, and processes, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the rhetoric and procedures. Fortunately, WSSA is here to help! Our expertise will systematically navigate you through the steps of your new importing or exporting venture. A summary of our step-by-step import guide can be found below. 

1.  Acquire a TTB License

      a.  Importers must have an import permit and COLAS processed through the TTB in order to import

2.  Register with the FDA

      a.  The suppliers you use must have FDA registration numbers

      b.  All FDA products are subject to prior notice filings

      c.  FDA filing must be completed with customs entry

      d.  ISF must be filed by importer of record

      e.  Customs entry must be filed

      f.   Duty/tax must be paid to US Customs

      g.   Importer must acquire a Customs bond

3.  Find a Freight Forwarder

      a.  WSSA’s operational arm, Albatrans Inc., is one of the largest global logistics providers in the beverage sector. As your freight forwarder will handle the coordination of pickup and drop off from origin to destination, be sure to select one with experience and expertise.

4.  Get Set Up with a Customs Broker

      a.  Albatrans, Inc. is also a licensed US Customs broker, experienced in all aspects of importing into the USA. No matter what broker you choose, make sure they can handle the Customs documents and entries for your import products.

5.  Locate Storage and Distribution

      a.  WSSA can provide contact information for warehouse & distribution facility contacts globally. For the US East Coast, Consider the Alba Wine & Spirits Warehousing & Distribution facility in Edison, NJ!

6.  Insure Your Cargo

      a.  Make sure your goods are covered through transport and in storage! The WSSA insurance program can cover your goods during every facet of transit.